iSoftStone Joins "Jiangsu Mobile DICT Ecological Alliance" and Honored with "Industry Benchmark Award"


On December 6, the China Mobile Jiangsu Company's 2023 DICT Ecological Cooperation Conference was successfully held in Nanjing. Themed "5G Converging Mountains and Seas, Algorithmic Network Integrating All Industries, Digital Intelligence Creating the Future", the conference brought together industry-leading enterprises, research institutions, and core partners in the DICT industry to explore new trends and innovative applications in digital integration, collectively expanding cooperation and development opportunities. iSoftStone's Senior Vice President, Wei Jianxun, was invited to attend the conference, representing the company's official entry into the "Jiangsu Mobile DICT Ecological Alliance" and was honored with the 2023 DICT Ecological Cooperation "Industry Benchmark Award".

Guided by the national strategy of building a digital China, China Mobile, leveraging its vast user data and advanced technological capabilities, deeply integrates DT (Data Technology), IT (Information Technology), and CT (Communication Technology), launching the DICT service (Data, Information, Communication, Technology). The aim is to provide customers with more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent solutions. In 2020, Jiangsu Mobile officially established the "DICT Ecological Alliance", which played a significant role in driving the digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries in the province, positively impacting the development of upstream and downstream companies in the industry chain.


iSoftStone's Senior Vice President, Wei Jianxun (on the far right), representing the company, joins the Jiangsu Mobile DICT Ecological Alliance


As an outstanding partner of Jiangsu Mobile, iSoftStone formally joined the Jiangsu Mobile DICT Ecological Alliance at this conference. This signifies that iSoftStone will fully leverage its technological strength, innovation capabilities, and service quality in the field of digital transformation. The company will engage in comprehensive business cooperation with Jiangsu Mobile in the DICT ecological field, creating more innovative and practical information solutions to support the development of Jiangsu's digital economy and corporate digital transformation. At the same time, iSoftStone will actively collaborate with Jiangsu Mobile to explore new models and formats for DICT services, meeting the constantly changing market and customer demands.


iSoftStone's Senior Vice President, Wei Jianxun (11th from the left), accepts recognition on behalf of the company


During the conference, iSoftStone was honored with the "Industry Benchmark Award" in the Jiangsu Mobile 2023 DICT Ecological Cooperation. Since the beginning of the collaboration, iSoftStone and Jiangsu Mobile have worked together, leveraging their respective strengths to jointly drive the integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence across various industries. Particularly in the field of cloud computing, iSoftStone has further developed and solidified specialized support capabilities in new areas such as edge cloud, computing power services, and cloud native. They have created the "Mobile Cloud Solution Atlas" and "Mobile Cloud Solution Post-Assessment System" to ensure the team's professionalism, stability, and sustainability. Through deep cooperation with Jiangsu Mobile, they jointly contribute to the efficient cloud adoption by businesses in Jiangsu.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue to strengthen comprehensive cooperation with Jiangsu Mobile's DICT ecological business. They will collaborate with Jiangsu Mobile to further build and solidify specialized support capabilities in new areas such as edge cloud, computing power services, and cloud native in government, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, industrial internet, and other fields. This includes enhancing cooperation in technology innovation, business expansion, and market promotion. Together, they will explore new models and applications for digital transformation, injecting new vitality into industry development. Simultaneously, iSoftStone will continue to enhance its technical expertise and service capabilities, providing customers with higher-quality and more efficient solutions to support enterprises in achieving digital transformation and upgrading.

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