Promoting High-Quality Development in the Automotive Industry: iSoftStone Releases Intelligent Automotive Digital Solution


Recently, the 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Fair for Trade in Services (BAFTIS), jointly organized by Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, was successfully held in Zhuhai. With the theme of "Service Digitization Source and Trade Digitization Leading Zone", the conference employed a series of methods, including "exhibition + interaction", "online + offline", and "roadshow + negotiation", to connect and facilitate the exchange and integration of resources in the service trade industry, promoting innovation. During the fair, iSoftStone not only participated in multiple forums and business negotiations but also showcased various digital innovation achievements. At the roadshow, one significant announcement was the full-stack solution for the automotive industry chain—the Intelligent Car Digitization Solution, designed to contribute to the high-quality development of the Greater Bay Area's economy.



To shape the future of intelligent cabins, iSoftStone unveiled a new generation of intelligent cabin operating systems and solutions

As the automotive industry experiences a rapid development in intelligence and connectivity, many car manufacturers consider the "intelligent cabin" as a crucial component of future intelligent car development. With the swift evolution of automotive chip technology, human-machine interaction, and automotive systems, there is a diverse array of hardware and software technologies in the areas of scenes and functionalities. Consumers' understanding of the value of cars is gradually shifting from a simple means of transportation to a "third living space", and car cabins are entering a comprehensive stage of intelligence.

In the field of intelligent cabins, iSoftStone has rich development experience and technical service capabilities across multiple platforms (such as Qualcomm, NXP, MTK) and multiple systems (QNX, Linux, Android, Open Harmony). They offer services like driver development, middleware development, algorithm integration, and have completed projects involving the development and integration of drivers for Camera, Wifi, USB, as well as the development of middleware products like SOA, OTA, SPI. Furthermore, they provide integrated solutions for algorithms such as voice recognition and automatic parking, meeting customer needs for creating distinctive intelligent cabins.


iSoftStone Intelligent Cabin System Architecture Diagram

Based on OpenHarmony, iSoftStone utilizes the graphic framework development platform (QT) to create a new generation of intelligent cabin systems and solutions for customers. The system adopts an advanced distributed architecture, combining artificial intelligence and car networking technology to significantly enhance the smoothness of the operating system. It effortlessly realizes functions such as intelligent perception, smart voice interaction, OTA upgrades, gesture recognition, facial recognition, head-up display, and more. Simultaneously, it supports multi-scenario collaborative interaction and seamless connection across devices, carrying high-quality applications tailored for cabin experiences. It provides a unified language for different devices, enabling a seamless flow of mobile applications within the cabin and delivering personalized services for different users. For instance, based on driving user habits and preferences, the system can automatically adjust brightness and volume at specific times, understanding user intentions more accurately.

Focus on Autonomous Driving, Collaborating with Partners to Explore the Path of Domestic Autonomous Driving

With technological progress and innovation, autonomous driving technology will continue to advance, moving from the current L2 level to L3, L4, and even L5 levels. In the future, intelligent driving technology will drive the development of shared travel modes, allowing people to rent autonomous driving cars through sharing platforms for a more flexible and convenient mode of transportation.

Autonomous driving requires cars to have the ability for environmental perception, path planning, and autonomous vehicle control. Autonomous driving chips are a crucial component of the decision-making layer of intelligent driving systems and provide essential hardware support for achieving autonomous driving. With the rapid development of domestic autonomous driving chip technology, the current level of domestic autonomous driving technology has reached international advanced levels, even surpassing foreign competitors in certain aspects. In the future, domestic autonomous driving technology is bound to rise.

iSoftStone, in collaboration with leading domestic chip manufacturers and domain control providers, is jointly developing solutions for high-speed autonomous driving and automated parking. This collaborative effort involves a domain-centralized architecture with the MCU (Microcontroller Unit) as the core. The solution effectively supports hardware in the perception layer, including laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, multi-angle/surround-view cameras, and more. It covers the research, development, and integration of sub-functions related to driving assistance from L2 to L3 autonomous driving. Simultaneously, iSoftStone continues to explore cross-domain integration in intelligent driving and cabin functions, driving the ongoing development of domestic autonomous driving technology……

Integrating Multi-Mode Services to Support Comprehensive Digitization in Automotive Research, Production, and Marketing

Facing the challenges brought by the "new four modernizations" trends of intelligent, shared, electric, and connected vehicles, automotive enterprises urgently need to accelerate their digital transformation, enhance product research and development, and strengthen post-sales services to continually improve market competitiveness.

iSoftStone adopts the "2+3" service model, using "digital capabilities" and "organizational capabilities" as core strengths. This framework, based on different customer demands for digital transformation, introduces three models of digital solution services: "lean manufacturing-oriented", "customer value-oriented", and "user-driven-oriented". These models provide customized digital solutions, empowering automotive enterprises to enhance their digital capabilities comprehensively in areas such as research and development, production, supply chain, marketing, and services. It truly helps industry clients achieve digital transformation and upgrade.


iSoftStone Intelligent Automotive Digital Service Overall Framework

The release of the intelligent automotive digital solution at this fair signifies both the further innovation and development of iSoftStone's service capabilities in the intelligent automotive industry. It also showcases the robust strength of iSoftStone in the field of digital services, providing excellent investors and customers with a glimpse of the vast potential for iSoftStone's deep involvement in the development of the digital industry and business boundary expansion in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau.

In the future, iSoftStone will continue leveraging its technological advantages and industry experience, focusing on the intelligent cabins and autonomous driving domains. This commitment aims to provide industry clients with more comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent automotive digital services, contributing to the global digitization of the automotive industry.

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