iSoftStone's subsidiary, SWANLINK, made a prominent appearance at the OpenHarmony Talent Ecology Conference, joining hands with universities to establish the OpenHarmony Industry-Education Integration Community


On December 12th, under the guidance of the OpenAtom Foundation, the inaugural OpenHarmony Talent Ecology Conference (hereafter referred to as "Conference"), organized by the OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereafter referred to as "OpenHarmony") Project Group Working Committee, was grandly held in Shanghai. Under the theme "Prosperous Ecosystem, Talent Takes the Lead", the conference aimed at educators from universities and representatives of community-building units interested in the OpenHarmony talent ecosystem. It explored and exchanged insights on aspects such as the OpenHarmony community ecosystem and talent development, showcasing technological innovations in the OpenHarmony operating system, and sharing interim technical achievements. As a collaborative and supporting unit for this conference, SWANLINK, a subsidiary of iSoftStone, was deeply involved. Zhou Qi, the Director of Strategic Planning Department at SWANLINK, delivered a thematic presentation during the event. He also represented SWANLINK in jointly establishing the national OpenHarmony Intelligent Terminal and IoT Industry-Education Integration Community with vocational colleges.



OpenHarmony, as the foundational community for the next-generation intelligent terminal operating system and the interconnection of all things, has garnered over 220 partners in ecosystem co-construction, with more than 440 hardware and software products passing OpenHarmony compatibility assessments. As the OpenHarmony community development enters a new phase, SWANLINK seizes the industry opportunities, pools momentum and accumulates energy, and propels the intelligent terminal and IoT industry towards "accelerated growth".

In his presentation titled "Boosting Industry-Education Collaborative Development of OpenHarmony", Zhou Qi expressed that as a practitioner and leader in the open-source ecosystem, SWANLINK, based on the iteration of SwanLinkOS and the distributed soft bus feature of OpenHarmony, focuses on breaking through in the "1+4" industry. Leading in the commercial display market, the company collaborates with ecosystem partners to develop numerous innovative OpenHarmony products and solutions in industries such as mining, power, education, and transportation. They have achieved significant results in building a domestically controlled OpenHarmony industry chain, enabling over 30 strategic partners and deploying over 30 commercial products……


Zhou Qi, SWANLINK's Director of Strategic Planning Department, Delivers Keynote Speech


Using the example of the academic Harmony Innovation Laboratory created by SWANLINK in the education industry, Zhou Qi emphasized SWANLINK's collaborative efforts with universities in establishing various tangible initiatives to construct a "nurturing cradle" for digital talents. He stated that in the future, SWANLINK will focus on three areas: establishing urban Harmony ecological chain industrial bases and Harmony labs, setting up Harmony innovation centers, and establishing talent centers. These initiatives aim to facilitate the growth of digital talents. Currently, SWANLINK has completed agreements with Xiong'an New Area and Wuxi City, and the next step is to fully implement the projects. Addressing the talent demand in the OpenHarmony ecosystem industry, SWANLINK is promoting initiatives that combine industry and education. They are strengthening open-source practice education to cultivate talents in open-source innovation.

As a platinum donor to the OpenAtom Foundation and a silver donor to the OpenHarmony project group, iSoftStone has consistently been a firm leader and builder in the OpenHarmony ecosystem. SWANLINK, as a pioneer in iSoftStone's open-source strategy, actively responds to the Ministry of Education's call for "promoting industry-education integration through education and industry assistance". At this conference, SWANLINK, in collaboration with Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Jinhua Polytechnic, and Excellent Innovation (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., jointly established the national OpenHarmony (Open Source Harmony) Intelligent Terminal and IoT Industry-Education Integration Community. The community aims to promote talent development within the OpenHarmony ecosystem, achieve organic connections between education, talent, industry, and innovation chains, and create a collaborative governance model involving schools, enterprises, and institutes. This model implements a teaching approach that synchronizes theory and practical training, co-cultivates students between schools and enterprises, and combines competitions and research for mutual certification. The goal is to nurture versatile talents and accelerate the construction of the OpenHarmony operating system ecosystem.


The establishment of the national OpenHarmony Intelligent Terminal and IoT Industry-Education Integration Community


The conference also highlighted the first "China Graduate Operating System Open Source Innovation Competition" and presented the "OpenHarmony Star Program" for co-building content such as textbooks, courses, MOOC, and Demo cases. These initiatives aim to support developers in learning and growing and completing professional advancement through the "OpenHarmony Project Group Talent Certification Plan". The release of these talent development programs will further support the cultivation of OpenHarmony talents, providing the industry with numerous high-quality professionals, and continuously driving the construction of the OpenHarmony talent ecosystem.

Prosperity through Open Source, Talent as the Foundation. As digital application scenarios continue to expand, iSoftStone will continue to promote digital talent development and OpenHarmony ecosystem construction. Subsidiary SWANLINK, leveraging its rich experience in open-source technology, ecosystems, and practices, will align with industry needs. It will collaborate with industry partners to innovate and provide inexhaustible support for the commercial application and talent development of open source.

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