iSoftStone's "WT Recruitment" Has been Selected as Part of China's First Authoritative Collection of Applications for Large Models



On December 28, at the 2024 CAICT ICT+ Deep Observation Report Meeting in Shanghai, and the "Hongqiao Source" Large Model-Driven Digital Economy New Ecology Summit, the authoritative achievement, the 2023 Foundation Model Practical Application Collections (hereinafter referred to as Collections, was unveiled. iSoftStone's intelligent recruitment system "WT Recruitment" was selected as a representative case for vertical large models and was awarded the title of "Excellent Practice Case" in the Collections. This recognition marks another significant achievement for iSoftStone in its commitment to promoting the innovative development of large models and accelerating the innovation ecology of general artificial intelligence.



The Collections is led by the Large Model Assessment and Collaborative Innovation Center, jointly initiated and established by CAICT and the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The compilation involved collaboration from the East China Branch of CAICT, the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of CAICT, and the Open Source Ecology Development Center of the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The expert team of the Collections editorial board comprehensively evaluated criteria such as technical conformity, material correctness, content completeness, as well as key dimensions like the field it belongs to, application needs, innovation capability, social benefits, and application prospects. In the end, they selected 52 outstanding large model application cases.



As the first authoritative research achievement focusing on practical applications, the Collections comprehensively showcases the cutting-edge technology and development achievements of large models, promoting the contribution of large models, represented by artificial intelligence technology, to the high-quality development of society and the economy. iSoftStone's "WT Recruitment" intelligent recruitment system, selected for inclusion in the Collections, is a lightweight recruitment system built on Baidu AI Cloud wenxinworkshop. It provides efficient, intelligent, and precise recruitment services for enterprises in areas such as demand analysis, resume screening, and interview assistance. The system includes product modules such as intelligent resume parsing, intelligent job posting, intelligent matching of people and positions, intelligent generation of exclusive interview questions, and intelligent talent pool. It offers HR more convenient and intelligent support, overall improving the quality and efficiency of interviews, increasing the overall interview pass rate by 30%, and reducing the average waiting time in the recruitment process by more than 60%. In addition, the "WT Recruitment" intelligent recruitment system is not only a recruitment tool but also a crucial platform for enterprise talent management. Through this system, companies can efficiently manage the recruitment process, achieve full lifecycle management of candidates, and enhance recruitment efficiency and talent quality.
As a leading digital technology services enterprise, iSoftStone is comprehensively upgrading its AI strategy, accelerating the construction of a hard technology innovation ecosystem integrating the trinity of "computing power, algorithms, and data". The company engages in deep cooperation with major cloud service providers, including Huawei Cloud, Alibaba, Baidu, Microsoft, and Tencent. iSoftStone is among the first batch of partners for Huawei Cloud's PanGu large model, a collaborative partner in innovation for Huawei Ascend AI large models, an ecosystem partner for Baidu wenxinworkshop ERNIE Bot, and one of the first industry strategic partners for Alibaba Qwen. Additionally, iSoftStone is among the first to access Microsoft Azure Cloud GPT-4 and is a founding member of the MindSpore open source community council by Huawei Ascend. Furthermore, iSoftStone has released several large model platforms and products, including the Merak 2.0 MaaS platform, Merak AI Copilot digital employee platform, and the AISE large model for software development. The company collaborates with customers to jointly innovate and develop various industry-specific solutions based on AIGC, such as intelligent property insurance, intelligent treasury, intelligent software development testing, and intelligent legal case analysis.

In the era where artificial intelligence reshapes the world, iSoftStone is committed to becoming an accelerator of epochal change. In the future, iSoftStone will collaborate with various industry stakeholders to build an AI innovation ecosystem, jointly drive the innovation and development of large model technology, promote application implementation, and empower various industries for digitalization and intelligent transformation.

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