Co-creation, Co-win, Striving for Excellence! iSoftStone Won Kingdee's "China's Excellent Strategic Professional Service Partner" Consecutively


From March 1st to 2nd, the 2024 Kingdee Group Ecological Partnership Conference, themed "Co-creation, Co-win, Striving for Excellence", was held grandly in Chongqing during early spring. The event brought together industry experts from institutions such as the China Academy of Industrial Internet, Hong Kong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Institute, Kingdee, and iSoftStone, along with representatives from over 1500 partner companies of Kingdee. Discussions were held on the development of the digital economy, valuable practical experiences were shared, to support the growth of enterprises in the age of digital management, outlining a new blueprint for the cloud ecosystem.



iSoftStone once again won one of the highest awards of the conference, "China's Excellent Strategic Professional Service Partner". Since initiating strategic collaboration in 2019, iSoftStone has won this award for four consecutive years. This signifies iSoftStone's indispensable role in the co-creation and co-winning ecosystem with Kingdee. The collaboration between the two parties spans across a comprehensive range of Kingdee products, including Kingdee Constellation, Sky, Galaxy, EAS Cloud, and s-HR. Going beyond traditional development services, iSoftStone has continued to advance towards more diversified collaborative models such as consulting, direct contracts, and joint marketing. Both parties have landed over 300 projects in more than 40 cities nationwide, serving more than 40 leading enterprises across various industries. With a collaboration scale exceeding a billion, both parties have successfully introduced several benchmark projects at the city level.


The conference featured a main forum and multiple sub-forums focusing on different themes such as ISV, professional services, and marketing. iSoftStone was invited to participate in various sessions and activities, where they shared insights into the trends of the digital world, discussed strategic plans for future development, and showcased fruitful results of seamless cooperation with Kingdee.


Huang Ying, Director of iSoftStone


During the main forum on the first day, Huang Ying, the director of iSoftStone, delivered a keynote speech titled "Sailing with Determination, Letting China's Digital Prowess Bring Prosperity to the Whole World". He mentioned that, as Mr. Liu Tianwen, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, stated at last year's conference, "Any organization or enterprise could constitute an ecosystem, independent yet mutually supportive. The presence of each small ecosystem offers a potential for the expansion of the overarching ecosystem". The implicit "synergistic evolution" effect is prominently manifested in the current dynamic landscape, characterized by the continuous emergence of new technologies and the fervent progress of the digital transformation in China.


As digital transformation entered the stage of large-scale growth and deepening application, iSoftStone aimed at these development opportunities from a very early stage, starting the transformation of digital intelligence, autonomy, green and internationalization. Especially in the prominently watched fields of information innovation and AI, iSoftStone boasts comprehensive, end-to-end technical and service capabilities covering information innovation consulting, information innovation infrastructure software and hardware, information innovation cloud platforms, information innovation applications, and security services. iSoftStone has unveiled a suite of large-scale model products and AI model service solutions, including the iSoftStone Tianxuan 2.0 MaaS platform, software development large model AISE, insurance large model, and more. Collaborating with clients, iSoftStone actively innovates, implements practical application cases, and is committed to becoming a driving force for enterprises' intelligent transformation.


Concerning the collaboration with Kingdee, Huang Ying expressed that the two parties are set to strengthen their collaborative model encompassing "consulting + platform + products + services". The emphasis will be on four key directions: consulting-driven initiatives, services for major clients, collaborative ecosystem development, and international expansion. Through synergistic evolution, both parties aspire to progress towards excellence.


Wei Jianxun, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone


At the Large Enterprise (LE) Business & Professional Services Partner Sub-forum, Wei Jianxun, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, delivered a keynote speech titled "Integration of the Kingdee Ecosystem: iSoftStone's Contribution to the Kingdee World-Class Vision". He shared specific business collaborations and achievements between iSoftStone and Kingdee, including large enterprise consulting, business pre-sales, implementation delivery, customized development, significant client delivery capabilities, and the integration progress of the two companies' ecosystem business. Among them, one solar energy project was recognized as an outstanding delivery case by Kingdee in 2023. In addition to this, several delivery projects, including a coal mine project in Shaanxi, a project with a certain automotive company, a grain project in Zhaoqing, and a livestock project, have also earned customer recognition and trust for their excellent performance and high-quality delivery.


Regarding ecosystem construction, Wei Jianxun used the phrase "One travels fast, but groups travel far" to describe iSoftStone's development philosophy. He emphasized that the long-term development of a company depends on a robust ecosystem. Looking ahead, he envisions that through mutual complementarity and collaboration with Kingdee, iSoftStone will showcase the strength and influence of Chinese enterprises on the global stage.


Yu Taotao, Assistant Vice President of iSoftStone (third from left)


At the Medium Enterprise (ME) Business Sub-forum, iSoftStone's Assistant Vice President, Yu Taotao, attended the signing ceremony of the Kingdee Cloud•Galaxy Flagship Edition Co-Creation Platform Partnership. iSoftStone's remarkable capabilities in consulting, integration, human resources and financial tax consulting, implementation delivery, and operational services in complex large-scale projects, along with its extensive experience in managing dynamic scenarios and innovative business scenario construction in long-term projects, have earned significant recognition from Kingdee. The launch of the Kingdee Cloud•Galaxy Flagship Edition Co-Creation Platform aims to unearth the tremendous potential of the Galaxy flagship product in the high-growth market of "specialization and innovation". Kingdee is willing to collaborate with the innovative prowess of iSoftStone, working together to build and enhance the product ecosystem, drive innovation and optimization in the professional services sector, and jointly embrace the new market trends of specialization and distinctiveness.


Spring tides surge, ushering in a myriad of transformations as we collectively strive for mutual creation and success, propelling towards excellence. Confronted by the sweeping wave of digitization and the expansive horizons of the global market, the collaboration and growth between iSoftStone and Kingdee still harbor vast potential and opportunities. iSoftStone remains committed to harnessing the synergies of strategic partnerships, aiding Kingdee in achieving the illustrious vision of "Asia's foremost, globally preeminent". Together with numerous ecosystem partners, we endeavor to extend the realms of intelligent solutions across diverse industries, nurturing a thriving digital China and fostering prosperity on a globally intelligent scale.

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