iSoftStone Elected as Vice Chairman Unit of the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area Multimodal Transport Development Alliance


On March 29th, the inaugural meeting of the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area Multimodal Transport Development Alliance, themed "Smooth Connectivity of Sea and Land Routes, Serving the Revitalization of Northeast China", was held in Shenyang. A total of 190 enterprises and institutions from relevant manufacturing industries, transportation companies such as highways and railways, and multimodal transport platform enterprises in the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area joined the alliance, marking the official establishment of the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area Multimodal Transport Development Alliance.



The alliance aims to strengthen cooperation and communication, collectively address the difficulties and bottlenecks in regional multimodal transport, promote the deep integration of logistics chain, data chain, financial chain, industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain in the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area, build a high-level multimodal transport service model, and establish a standardized, open, and unified transportation market. The meeting reviewed and approved the Initiative for High-Quality Development of Multimodal Transport in the Northeast Three Provinces and One Area , reaching a consensus on jointly promoting the support of multimodal transport for industrial revitalization and development, jointly promoting the construction of the Northeast Sea-Land Grand Passage, jointly promoting the reduction of logistics costs and efficiency improvement across the whole society, and jointly promoting the optimization of transportation structure adjustment.


At the inaugural meeting of the alliance, iSoftStone was officially elected as the vice chairman unit. This move will not only help iSoftStone expand cooperation opportunities in the future layout of the digital energy industry, promote information and resource sharing, but also effectively enhance iSoftStone's brand image and market competitiveness. At the same time, iSoftStone will be able to directly participate in the alliance's important decision-making, providing strong support for the company's development in various fields and seizing more business opportunities.


At the call of the Liaoning Provincial Government, iSoftStone officially established its wholly-owned subsidiary, Liaoning iSoftStone Smart Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Liaoning iSoftStone Smart Energy "), in Liaoning Province in April last year, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Liaoning Provincial Government in August last year. Liaoning iSoftStone Smart Energy will extensively carry out business in Liaoning Province in fields such as digital energy, industrial Internet, integration of industry and education in the digital economy, etc., to help Liaoning Province accelerate the construction of "Digital Liaoning, Strong Smart Manufacturing Province".


In the field of digital energy, iSoftStone is contributing to Liaoning Province's green transportation. Currently, iSoftStone has completed the construction of the first batch of dual-use energy storage and exchange stations for passenger cars in Liaoning Province and simultaneously initiated discussions on docking with port short-haul heavy-duty truck exchange stations. In addition, iSoftStone is actively coordinating with several prefecture-level cities in Liaoning Province to form operable and replicable operating models, while also laying out the new energy bus industry, providing diversified support for the green and low-carbon transformation of the urban public transportation industry.




iSoftStone will continue to focus on the development direction of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Collaborating with the Transportation Department of Liaoning Province, both parties aim to help achieve the key goal of carbon peaking by 2030, build a green transportation system, and take achieving the goal of multimodal transport development as its core construction objective, accelerate the adjustment of multimodal transport transportation structure, and strive to be a pioneer in green transportation development.

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