Ningxia Unicom Leadership Visits iSoftStone to Explore New Opportunities for Collaboration in Intelligent Computing


Recently, Li Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Unicom Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Branch (hereafter referred to as "Ningxia Unicom"), along with his team, paid a visit to iSoftStone for inspection and exchange. They were warmly received by Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone, Chen Liming, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone and others . During the visit, both sides engaged in extensive discussions on cutting-edge technologies, including information technology application innovation, computing power network, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation within industries.



Mr. Li Xiaolong, accompanied by his colleague Jin Ye, Vice General Manager of Ningxia Unicom, and You Xiaolei, General Manager of Ningxia Construction Investment Group Corp., Ltd., visited the Digital Innovation Center of iSoftStone. The on-site introductions helped Li Xiaolong and his team gain deeper insights into iSoftStone's capabilities in digital technology innovation and its rich industry experience. After learning about iSoftStone's digital practices in various industries such as intelligent manufacturing, intelligent terminals, digital energy, and financial insurance, Li Xiaolong highly commended their efforts.



Li Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Ningxia Unicom (fourth from the left), Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone (fifth from the left), and Chen Liming, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone (third from the left)


The importance of es tablishing a multi-level system of computing power facilities has been emphasized in the 14th Five-Year Development Plan of ICT Industry issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Today, comprehensive computing power, encompassing information computing power, network bandwidth, and data storage capacity, has become a crucial driving force for high-quality socio-economic development. The strategic cooperation between iSoftStone and Ningxia Unicom, initiated last year, focuses on exploring the integration of new business scenarios and technologies such as new computing power centers, 5G applications, cloud services for central/state owned enterprises , and information technology application innovation creation. The visit by Ningxia Unicom's leader s not only is evidence of the deepening and practical cooperation between the two companies, but also injects new vitality into the rapid development of computing power network in Ningxia.


During the symposium, Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone, highlighted his company's active response to national policies and its effective integration of digital services into customer business scenarios. This integration has been achieved through continuous enhancement of key technological capabilities such as computing power centers, computing power operation and maintenance, and data storage. Huang Li also pointed out that Ningxia Unicom's regional resource advantages and intelligent computing service capabilities complement iSoftStone's extensive technical expertise and industry practice. Long-term cooperation between the two parties will contribute to the establishment of efficient, secure, and environmentally friendly computing power centers, which will have far-reaching effects on the development of the digital economy in Ningxia and western regions.


Li Xiaolong, General Manager of Ningxia Unicom, highlighted Ningxia Unicom's leading role in the regional communication industry. He emphasized their commitment not only to deepening efforts in data centers and intelligent computing services, but also to actively participating in the "1111" East-to-West Computing Resource Transfer Project, which aims to set up a benchmark for demonstration in this area. Through deeper and broader cooperation with iSoftStone, Ningxia Unicom aims to further promote regional digital transformation and upgrading. Li Xiaolong particularly mentioned the Zhongwei Cloud Data Center set up by Ningxia Unicom, the only one certified by CQCA+ in Ningxia, which adopts international leading green environmental protection technology, showcasing Ningxia Unicom's firm commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.


iSoftStone currently possesses L1-L3 level digital infrastructure and system integration service capabilities, providing services such as data center design, business planning design, project integration management, and technical management. Additionally, iSoftStone offers DBO one-stop intelligent computing center solutions, offering full lifecycle services for large model training. This integrated approach encompasses infrastructure, hardware, software, platform and operational services. Based on iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang PC) general servers and AI products, and combined with Tianxuan 2.0 MaaS Platform, this solution can deliver green and efficient computing power services across various industries such as energy, logistics, finance, manufacturing, law, and healthcare, meeting the future needs of customers for computing power iteration and upgrading.


In the future, iSoftStone and Ningxia Unicom will steadfastly deepen their cooperation, continue to strengthen their collaboration in areas such as information technology application innovation, intelligent computing power, artificial intelligence, and the industrial internet, and fully utilize cutting-edge innovative technologies. Their aim is to provide excellent and comprehensive high-quality services to meet the growing needs of customers.

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