2024 Zhongguancun Forum | iSoftStone Settles in Beijing Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone


From April 25th to 29th, the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum Annual Conference with the theme "Innovation: Building a Better World" was held in Beijing. Hundreds of top experts and thousands of keynote speakers will discuss topics such as technological innovation leading social progress, improving people's livelihoods, and sustainable development, to promote open innovation and seek development opportunities, contributing wisdom and strength to building a better world. At the special session for major achievements at the forum, iSoftStone and Beijing Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone Operating Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongguancun Bonded Zone") officially signed a cooperation agreement, becoming an enterprise settled in the Beijing Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

Peng Qiang, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of iSoftStone, signed the contract on behalf of the company

It is understood that the Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone is an important platform established by Beijing to promote international trade liberalization and facilitation, committed to attracting global high-end industrial resources and building an international industrial park integrating research and development, production, sales, and services. As a leading Chinese digital technology service provider, iSoftStone's settlement in the Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone this time is an active practice of the company's "going global" strategy. It is conducive to the company fully leveraging its strong technical strength and rich industry experience, and vigorously expanding into new business areas and market space.

Looking ahead, through the platform built by the Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone, iSoftStone will actively play its role in technological innovation, industrial integration, and international trade, and work together with all parties to promote the innovative development of the Zhongguancun Comprehensive Bonded Zone, making greater contributions to promoting Beijing's technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

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