iSoftStone Successfully Hosted the "Full-Stack Software and Hardware, Accelerating Intelligent Empowerment" Sub-forum


On May 11th, during the Kunpeng Ascend Developer Conference 2024, iSoftStone held the "Full-Stack Software and Hardware, Accelerating Intelligent Empowerment" sub-forum. Experts, scholars, and outstanding representatives from the industry gathered together to exchange and share innovative technologies, industrial opportunities, and excellent practices in the Kunpeng Ascend ecosystem, exploring how to provide guidance and effective support for the growing digitalization and intelligence demands.

Zhang Xianmin, President of the Basic Software Business Department of iSoftStone, stated in his opening speech that as an important member of the Kunpeng and Ascend ecosystem, iSoftStone has always adhered to a customer-centric approach, committed to providing customers with comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient solutions. With the joining of Tongfang Computer, iSoftStone has built a full-stack software and hardware integrated capability, which will better meet the growing digitalization and intelligence needs of various industries, empowering customers' intelligent transformation and innovation.

Dr. Xiong Wei, Executive Director of the openEuler Community and Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) of the OpenAtom Foundation, stated in his speech that openEuler has been open source for 4 years, achieving leapfrog development. In 2023, China's server operating system achieved the largest market share increase, setting a record in the field of basic software. At the same time, openEuler continues to uphold the principle of being technology-driven, fully supports the Kunpeng and Ascend ecosystem, enhances integration with AI, and evolves towards a smart openEuler. Finally, Dr. Xiong stated that the goal of the openEuler community this year is to actively expand the overseas market and achieve global development. As an important partner of the openEuler community, iSoftStone looks forward to deeper cooperation with the community to jointly promote the landing of openEuler's overseas business.


Heavyweight Release of the Ascend AI Workstation

At this forum, Deng Zhongliang, General Manager of iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer) Research Institute, officially released the heavyweight new product - the Ascend AI Workstation. This product is the first workstation built with Ascend NPU, developed based on domestic processors and Ascend NPU, adapted to mainstream AI models, and launched the HarmonyOS version, dedicated to creating a high-density computing power AI workstation, accelerating the last kilometer of AI.

In terms of application areas, the Ascend AI Workstation has a wide range of applicability. Whether it is government affairs, finance, manufacturing, medical care, education, retail, and other industries, they can all benefit from it. Especially for scenarios that require processing large amounts of data and complex analysis, this AI workstation can provide powerful computing support, helping users complete tasks more efficiently.

For individual users, the Ascend AI Workstation also provides a solution for localized AI computing power, meeting the demand for high-performance AI computing by individual users, while ensuring the security and privacy of data. For individual users who need to process sensitive data or perform personalized AI applications, it is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

In summary, the Ascend AI Workstation's powerful AI computing capabilities, flexible hardware configuration, and wide range of application areas reflect iSoftStone Computing's (Tongfang Computer) strength and innovative spirit in the field of AIing. As a leading provider of AI workstations/PC solutions in China, iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer) will leverage its dual advantages in hardware and QT software development to actively respond to industry policies, continuously provide customers with "secure, immediate, and cost-effective" computing products and services, and accelerate industry intelligence.

  Exciting Sharing for the Future of Digital Intelligence

At the forum, Xu Enqing, Director of the Enterprise Digital Intelligence Transformation Department of the Cloud Computing & Big Data Research Institute of CAICT, shared insights on "Analysis of Enterprise Digital Intelligence Transformation Development Trends", offering in-depth analysis of enterprise digital intelligence transformation from the perspectives of trends, paths, and methodologies. He stated that the rapid development of AI technology has greatly unleashed the potential of enterprise digital intelligence transformation. In this process, enterprises need to ensure the smooth landing and value realization of transformation through management digitization, business digitization, data valorization, cloud intelligence platformization, strategic integration, and ecosystem aggregation. In 2021, the CAICT launched the IOMM methodology system, which has now iterated to the 3.0 stage. The IOMM 3.0 system provides methodological references for enterprise digitalization from the top-level design of digital intelligence transformation (total), business digitalization (business), digital platformization (data), and cloud-edge integration (foundation) from a comprehensive perspective, full process, and full lifecycle, dedicated to promoting the establishment of a secure and reliable digital intelligence transformation ecosystem.

Wang Qiyuan, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Beijing Information Technology University's School of Computer Science, Vice Dean of the Forinn Research Institute, and Member of the Professional Committee of Machine Game of the China Association for Artificial Intelligence, delivered a keynote speech on "Kunpeng Empowering Ultra-High-Performance Shared Storage Intelligent Computing Platform Practice", starting from user problems in practice and introducing the technical highlights and advantages of the Diskless all-flash storage system solution based on Kunpeng servers + OpenEuler. The solution has three major features: it provides a modular performance expansion mode to fully unleash the performance of Kunpeng; it is capable of driving various FS parallel file systems to meet high-performance data storage needs; it utilizes GP full-flash EBOF features to ensure high-reliability data storage. Through the case of "A Certain Network Security Company's 100Gb Traffic Line-Speed Storage and Analysis Platform", the application value of the solution was specifically demonstrated.

Meng Kaikai, Director of the Solution Unit of the Basic Software Business Department of iSoftStone information technology application innovation, shared the "Tianhe Intelligent Engine Development Platform - Solution for Kunpeng Ascend Native Development". The acceleration of digital intelligence transformation by Kunpeng and Ascend requires the rapid and efficient construction of native applications for Kunpeng and Ascend, which is an urgent need. The Tianhe Intelligent Engine Development Platform by iSoftStone, as a one-stop solution for Kunpeng Ascend native development, addresses the pain points faced in native development for Kunpeng Ascend, providing enterprises with high-performance, full-stack services and tools to accelerate their digital transformation process based on Kunpeng and Ascend architectures. Additionally, combined with iSoftStone Computing's next-generation AI training and inference products, iSoftStone has created a fusion solution for the Tianhe Intelligent Engine Development Platform, helping enterprises rapidly build native development capabilities for Kunpeng Ascend.

Hu Feng, a member of the openEuler Technical Committee and Chief Engineer of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., stated in his speech on "Building the openEuler Community and Constructing Intelligent Operations and Maintenance" that in 2023, openEuler rapidly achieved the first market share in China's server operating system market, reaching 36.8%. By building a three-layer AI-enabled architecture including AI full-stack compatibility, AI heterogeneous acceleration, and EulerCopilot, openEuler has become a solid foundation for AI+. Based on efficiency-improving 300% intelligent thermal repair solutions, minute-level root cause positioning through configuration tracing, flexible, generalized, proactive, and fast log big model and highly anthropomorphic operation and maintenance intelligence, the construction of system-level intelligent operations and maintenance can be realized.

Shan Jiling, Director of Digital Infrastructure and Integration Technology at iSoftStone, delivered a speech titled "iSoftStone Computing Integrated Computing Services Empower Ascend Native", introducing iSoftStone's complete integrated computing service system covering AI application services, model services, integrated machines, IDC services, computing services, and value-added services. This includes the DBO one-stop artificial intelligence computing center solution, featured green computing services (green energy applications, AI servers, computing power leasing, data services, computing power applications, intelligent computing operation/maintenance services), and operation services oriented towards intelligent computing centers, among others. iSoftStone believes that integrated machines are an indispensable form for large model applications. By creating model training integrated machines, industry inference integrated machines, and customer co-creation integrated machines, the layout of integrated machine products has gradually been perfected. To better promote the landing of large model applications, iSoftStone has also launched the Tianxuan 2.0 Maas platform, efficiently assisting customers in their digital intelligence transformation.

The arrival of intelligence is accelerating, and every industry and scenario will be redefined by intelligence. As the solid foundation of the digital intelligence world, computing's importance is increasingly prominent, bringing unprecedented opportunities for the computing industry and developers. As a leading innovator in China's digital technology products and services, iSoftStone actively embraces the Kunpeng Ascend ecosystem, continuously strengthens its full-stack software and hardware integrated service capabilities, and collaborates with partners to build the era of digital intelligence.


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