iSoftStone Joins Guangdong Mobile's "AI+" Industry Alliance in Building a New AI Industry Ecosystem


Recently, the "AI+ Ecology" Forum on Empowering New Quality Productive Forces with the theme of "Prospering the Smart Computing Ecosystem and Creating the Future of the Industry" was successfully concluded in Guangzhou by China Mobile Guangdong Company in 2024. During the forum, Guangdong Mobile actively played a guiding role and led the establishment of the "AI+" Industry Alliance, officially releasing the "AI+" ecological cooperation plan. At the same time, Guangdong Mobile launched the first MaaS cooperation platform and the first "AI+" personal rights, constructing the first domestic dual-thousand- card computing resource pool in South China. As an invited enterprise, iSoftStone actively participated in the forum and officially joined the China Mobile "AI+" Industry Alliance, contributing to the creation of an open and win-win AI industry ecosystem.

In the wave of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, artificial intelligence, data, and computing power, as the core driving elements of new quality productive forces, are profoundly promoting the leapfrog development of social productivity. As an active practitioner of Digital China, iSoftStone actively responds to the strategic orientation of "AI+", adheres to extensive cooperation with numerous ecological partners, jointly promotes the deep integration of digital and real economies, and significantly enhances the level of Data-AI transformation in various industries.

The "AI+" Industry Alliance is an industrial collaboration organization jointly established by Guangdong Mobile, the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Association of Artificial Intelligence Industry, and other authoritative institutions. The fact that iSoftStone ’s joining fully demon strates its strength and influence in the field of artificial intelligence. At the alliance establishment ceremony, Wang Tao, Vice President of the Operator Intelligent Terminals and Retail Business Group of iSoftStone, witnessed this milestone moment with representatives from all parties. This also marks a new stage in iSoftStone's cooperation and development in the field of artificial intelligence.

Currently, iSoftStone has deeply laid out in the field of artificial intelligence, especially with the integration of iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer), it has successfully filled the gaps in servers, PCs, and other hardware, establishing integrated software and hardware capabilities from the bottom up. At the same time, in AI and data intelligence, iSoftStone has developed a series of core capabilities such as Merak MaaS platform, AISE software engineering, industry large models and data governance, data middle office, and data assets, achieving extensive application and layout in strategic emerging industries such as financial technology, intelligent terminals, smart automobiles, digital energy, new fast-moving consumer goods retail, big health, smart education, intelligent manufacturing, and green computing power. Taking the joining of the "AI+" Industry Alliance as a new starting point, iSoftStone will surely further extend its full-stack AI service capabilities in Guangdong region, helping to achieve a new breakthrough in the regional digital economy.

Looking ahead, iSoftStone will continue to uphold the development philosophy of innovation-driven, deepen exploration and practice in the field of artificial intelligence, and make greater contributions to promoting the prosperity and development of China's digital economy.

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