Thriving through Intelligence, Embracing the "New" | iSoftStone Appears at the Digital China Summit · State Cloud Ecology Conference


From May 23rd to 27th, the 7th Digital China Summit was grandly held in Fuzhou. As an important part of the summit, the third State Cloud Ecology Conference, jointly hosted by China Telecom, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), and China Electronics, was held simultaneously. Themed "State Cloud, Intelligence Gathering, Towards the New", the conference deeply explored scientific research breakthroughs and industry development trends in cutting-edge technology fields such as intelligent computing cloud, artificial intelligence, data elements, quantum information, and satellite communication. The conference specially set up the State Cloud Ecology Achievement Experience Pavilion to showcase a series of technological innovation achievements and excellent application practices, while promoting in-depth cooperation and communication with partners and customers to jointly boost the development of the digital economy.
As a close partner of China Telecom and State Cloud, iSoftStone was invited to attend the conference and comprehensively showcased its outstanding intelligent achievements in the field of digital technology. iSoftStone's Executive Vice President, Huang Li, Senior Vice President, Chen Liming, and Senior Vice President of the Operator Intelligent Terminals and Retail Business Group, Jing Jiyuan, attended the relevant activities of the conference.

Collaboratively Creating and Winning in the State Cloud Ecology

As digital transformation enters a deep-water area, the integration of AI technology and cloud service technology is showing an increasingly close trend. This will have far-reaching and widespread impacts on the digitization transformation of various industries. State Cloud, as the national team of cloud services, is the main force for "AI + Cloud". It is also an important partner for iSoftStone's layout of the State Cloud ecology. The two sides work together to provide efficient and intelligent cloud service products and solutions for industry customers, jointly promoting China's digital transformation towards new development.

State Cloud "Mutual Trust, Co-creation Partner" Award Ceremony

At the Intelligent Cloud Forum, iSoftStone, with its long-term deep cooperation with State Cloud and outstanding achievements, was awarded the "Mutual Trust, Co-creation Partner" plaque by State Cloud. Chen Liming, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, attended the award ceremony. This award not only recognizes iSoftStone's strength and contribution in the field of cloud computing but also expresses expectations and encouragement for its future continuous innovation and deepened cooperation. For a long time, iSoftStone has always seized the development opportunities of "cloud intelligence integration" and, together with State Cloud, has built a mutually beneficial and win-win development situation in the field of cloud computing. Previously, iSoftStone has also received honors such as "Most Valuable MSP Service Partner" and "Most Promising Partner" awarded by State Cloud consecutively. Currently, the cooperation between the two parties covers multiple fields including cloud consulting, cloud native development, cloud security, and computing power network. They have jointly created numerous innovative solutions for industries such as manufacturing, automotive, finance, and energy, effectively promoting business expansion and enhancing development space for enterprise customers.

Visit of China Telecom Leadership to iSoftStone Exhibition Area

During the exhibition period, Tang Ke, Vice General Manager of China Telecom, and his delegation visited the iSoftStone booth. Through on-site communication with Huang Li, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone, Tang Ke gained a deep understanding of iSoftStone's many innovative achievements and excellent service capabilities in areas such as software and digital technology services, computing products and digital infrastructure, digital energy, and AI computing services, and gave high praise and recognition.

Intelligence, Innovation , Green Leading the New Development of Digitization

In the wave of digitization, iSoftStone firmly believes that intelligent management and business, independent core technology, and green production and operation are the necessary paths for enterprises to transform into future-oriented enterprises. Therefore, at the cloud ecology achievement exhibition of the conference, iSoftStone focused on showcasing many digital innovation products and solutions in three major business sectors: software and digital technology services, computing products and digital infrastructure, and digital energy and AI computing services, aiming to provide strong support for enterprise customers' transformation and upgrading.

For example, in the field of software and digital technology services, iSoftStone Consulting's independently developed digital consulting methodology, Consultation 2.0, is a consulting model that comprehensively digitizes from enterprise vision to mechanisms, helping clients identify problems, formulate strategies, optimize processes, and manage change processes, and has been widely used in manufacturing, finance, retail, and other fields, achieving significant results. In terms of cloud services, through cooperation with Huawei Cloud and State Cloud, iSoftStone AI Cloud has established end-to-end services covering cloud consulting, cloud native development, data intelligence, IoT integration, cloud management, cloud security, and more. Among them, Cloud Middle Office·Chongming is a lightweight, all-scenario, loosely coupled one-stop enterprise data platform tool chain, covering two major systems: enterprise data application and full lifecycle data governance. In addition, in fields such as industrial Internet, financial technology, and smart automobiles, iSoftStone has also presented many innovative products and solutions to drive industry customers to accelerate their Data-AI upgrade.

In the field of computing products and digital infrastructure, iSoftStone focused on showcasing its self-developed products, such as Merak 2.0 MaaS platform and AI training and inference integrated platform. The Merak 2.0 MaaS platform integrates components such as the iSoftStone Enterprise OS (ISSEOS) and is equipped with its own AI middle office, supporting one-stop AI development and deeply adapting to different AI application scenarios in enterprises. The AI training and inference integrated platform is embedded with large language, image-text, multi-modal large models, and overlays industry applications, helping enterprises achieve the "last mile" of large model deployment. In addition, in the digital energy field, iSoftStone displayed innovative achievements such as the comprehensive energy management platform, dual carbon intelligent management platform, and electric vehicle charging and swapping operation cloud platform, providing new means for the Data-AI upgrade of the energy industry.

As the vanguard of iSoftStone's open-source strategy, its subsidiary SwanLink simultaneously showcased the independently controllable, all-domain intelligent SwanLinkOS operating system, as well as intelligent inspection and enforcement intercom terminals, rugged tablet computers, and smart electronic sentinels built on SwanLinkOS. These smart achievements attracted widespread attention from conference guests and on-site audiences. Furthermore, the iSoftStone exhibition area specially included iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer), presenting a comprehensive range of products such as the powerful K620 V4+ server and the ultra-performance TK630-V050-1 desktop computer, providing a solid support for iSoftStone's software capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that with the integration of iSoftStone Computing (Tongfang Computer), iSoftStone has successfully supplemented its capabilities in servers, PCs, and other hardware, enabling the company to form a synergistic relationship between software and hardware products in terms of basic hardware and software technology, operating systems, AI large models, integrated software and hardware machines, and industry solutions, empowering the development of the industry at all levels.

iSoftStone firmly supports the construction of Digital China and considers it as the core guiding principle for the company's future development. To this end, we will continue to work together with industry partners and customers to jointly promote the joint innovation and application of digital technology, and build a digital economic ecosystem with international competitiveness. At the same time, we will increase investment in research and development, actively cultivate high-quality technical talents, and strive to extend the benefits of the digital dividend to a wider range of social groups, contributing to the realization of Chinese-style modernization.

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