iSoftStone Achieves Outstanding Results in ESG, Winning the "First Green Light ESG Model Innovation Contribution Award" from China Energy News


On May 31st, the 7th China Energy Industry Development Annual Conference (2024) and the 15th Anniversary Celebration of China Energy News, hosted by China Energy News and China Energy Research Society, were held at the People's Daily Headquarters in Beijing. At this conference, the "2024 Green Light ESG Model Cases TOP100" was released, with iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as iSoftStone, 301236.SZ) being shortlisted for its leading ESG practices and innovative dual carbon technology prowess, ultimately winning the "First Green Light ESG Model Innovation Contribution Award".

The theme of this year's conference was "Developing New Quality Productive Forces and Cultivating New Momentum for Development". Representatives from national regulatory authorities, industry authoritative organizations, energy enterprise representatives, and experts and scholars engaged in discussions on hot topics such as energy transformation under the dual carbon goals, new quality productive forces, and ESG, all aimed at facilitating the high-quality development of the energy industry. Cheng Qingmin, member of the Editorial Committee and Secretary-General of the People's Daily, and Shi Yubo, Chairman of China Energy Research Society, attended the conference. The first release of the Green Light ESG Model Cases TOP100 on the annual conference aims to commend outstanding practice enterprises that integrate economic, social, and environmental values in the green, low-carbon transformation, climate change response, and industrial development, gathering cross-border thoughts, actions, and solutions to create a more resilient and sustainable innovative ecosystem.

As a leading innovator in China's digital technology products and services, iSoftStone, based on its own characteristics and industry attributes, innovates its management methods and has established a distinctive sustainable development management system. It has implemented a large number of ESG practices, achieving significant results. It has been rated AA in the ESG ratings of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Wind ESG, ranking first in the ESG comprehensive score in the information technology service industry. It has also been successfully included in the "CNI Social Responsibility Index" and the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Responsibility Index", fully demonstrating its role as an industry leader and benchmark.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) not only aligns closely with the national dual carbon goals but also coincides with a series of thematic connotations such as promoting Chinese-style modernization, developing new quality productive forces, promoting common prosperity, and governing enterprises according to law. Actively practicing ESG and comprehensively enhancing ESG competitiveness have become the inevitable path for enterprises to achieve high-quality development. iSoftStone adheres to the global development trend, taking the ESG concept as a guideline for practicing long-termism, establishing an ESG development strategy, setting up an ESG committee, building and improving the ESG system architecture, and compiling and publishing ESG reports. At the same time, seizing opportunities in digitization, intelligence, greenization, and internationalization, actively transforming and seeking breakthroughs, actively exploring new business models and growth paths, laying out new business portfolios, and transitioning to innovation-driven and capability-driven models that include services, software and hardware products, and operations.

Mr. Liu Tianwen, Chairman and CEO of iSoftStone, said that iSoftStone actively empowers ESG practices with technological capabilities, achieving the Data-AI transformation of management and business, independent core technology, and green production and operation, leading industry reform, helping enterprises improve quality and efficiency, and providing a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the green economy with stronger development momentum. We have a deeper understanding of the intrinsic connection between ESG practices and value creation, and will continue to work with ecological partners to create a sustainable future together.
Driven by the global green and low-carbon transformation and the national dual carbon goals, iSoftStone has explicitly proposed carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets and implementation paths for the first time, incorporating climate change into the board's management matters, and reviewing and evaluating climate-related goals annually. In addition to promoting its own low-carbon actions, iSoftStone actively leverages its advantages in digital technology to accelerate innovation and breakthroughs in dual carbon technology and deep energy-saving technology innovation and application, realizing innovation and breakthroughs in green business, empowering customers' digital and low-carbon "dual-drive parallel", promoting the deep integration of digital technology and decarbonization actions, and jointly enhancing climate resilience.

To serve the national dual carbon strategy and empower the digital transformation and green low-carbon development of the manufacturing industry, iSoftStone has independently developed the iSSMeta-Green Carbon Intelligent Management Platform, jointly initiated the establishment of the Green Enterprise and Product Certification Center with BSI and SAP, providing core products including carbon measurement and carbon certification, as well as "5+6+N" extended services, helping enterprises achieve accurate quantification and certification of carbon data, and solving carbon management challenges. Meanwhile, in collaboration with partners, through AI energy-saving algorithm models and AI load forecasting, we have jointly created an industry-leading "AI Model-Driven and Data-AI Platform", with the goal of AI-driven deep energy-saving and Data-AI technology innovation, significantly improving the energy efficiency and operation and maintenance efficiency of energy systems, and helping enterprises truly achieve energy saving, carbon reduction, and cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
In the face of multiple global challenges and opportunities, iSoftStone will continue to play the role of enabler in the digital economy, continuously deepen ESG practices, strengthen relationships with employees, customers, communities, suppliers, investors, and shareholders, and create sustainable value through innovation and responsibility, comprehensively promoting economic and social sustainable development.


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