openEuler 24.03 Officially Released: iSoftStone Collaborates with the Community to Usher in a New Chapter of Prosperous Development


On June 6, the release conference for the openEuler 24.03 LTS version, hosted by the OpenAtom openEuler (referred to as openEuler ) community, was successfully held in Beijing. This release conference gathered top forces from the operating system industry to explore the technological, ecological, and international development of the openEuler community and to build a healthy and sustainable root community for open-source operating systems. As a Platinum Donor of the OpenAtom Foundation, a Gold Donor of the openEuler project group, and an important participant and contributor to the openEuler community, iSoftStone was invited to attend the event.



At the conference, Huang Peng, Vice President and Executive Director of the Technical Research Institute of iSoftStone, took the stage as a community partner representative to jointly release the first AI-native open-source operating system, openEuler 24.03 LTS. He also participated in the roundtable forum From General Computing Diversification to Intelligent Computing Diversification, Enabling Full-Scenario Applications in the Intelligent Era .



In the four years since its inception, the openEuler community has developed rapidly, attracting 1,577 enterprise members and over 18,800 developers. Its downloads span 2,037 cities in 153 countries worldwide, with more than 6.8 million cumulative installations. According to an IDC research report, the market share of the openEuler operating system in newly added server operating systems reached 36.8% in 2023.


In recent years, based on the openEuler community version, iSoftStone independently developed its enterprise-level server operating system, Tianhe OS. They launched the openEuler managed by iSoftStone product, released their own operating system migration tool x2TianHe, and the openEuler one-stop service tool chain iTools. iSoftStone has continuously invested in several SIG groups for community compatibility, talent and service, HPC, and more, striving to become the first-choice openEuler product and service provider for customers and promoting large-scale adoption of openEuler in more industry fields.


The openEuler 24.03 LTS version achieved comprehensive upgrades in infrastructure, Linux 6.6 kernel, intelligent solutions, and full-scenario experience, providing developers and users with a high-performance, highly reliable, and highly flexible development experience. Currently, the ARM, x86, RISC-V, and LoongArch architecture images of this version have been simultaneously launched on the community s official website, 37 global mirror sites, and major cloud vendors distribution channels. As an important participant, iSoftStone is actively creating a commercial distribution version of Tianhe OS based on the new version.


The success of the operating system relies on extensive support from both upstream and downstream hardware and software manufacturers. openEuler is committed to creating an operating system for all scenarios and diverse computing power, continuously optimizing in aspects such as driver support, diverse resource community access, and system construction. At the release conference, Huang Peng, Vice President and Executive Director of the Technical Research Institute of iSoftStone, discussed with community partners and experts the topic From General Computing Diversification to Intelligent Computing Diversification, Enabling Full-Scenario Applications .


Huang Peng stated that based on core business strategies, iSoftStone s investment and layout in openEuler focus on two dimensions: First, in terms of commercialization, addressing the CentOS replacement issue faced by many industry clients, iSoftStone has created the openEuler managed by iSoftStone product based on the community version, providing commercial services including technical support, issue resolution, knowledge base, patches, as well as migration, deployment, and operation and maintenance tools. Second, in the humanoid robot field, with the progress of business layout, future efforts will focus on R&D investment and breakthroughs in upstream key technologies of the robot OS within the community. In addition, in overseas expansion, iSoftStone is integrating openEuler into cloud-native solutions with public cloud vendors and following state-owned enterprises in digital infrastructure sectors such as highways, ports, and rail transportation to incorporate openEuler into hardware, providing customers with full-stack solutions and helping openEuler enter the international market.


Embarking on a New Intelligence Journey, Heading for New Horizons. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to work hand in hand with the openEuler community, partners, and customers, continuously enhancing one-stop service capabilities in the openEuler field, jointly building the foundation of digital basic software, and co-creating the operating system for the Data-AI era.

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