Class of Business
  • Software Engineering - Diverse and Customized Professional Services

    Oriented for smart mobile phones and wearables manufacturers, including underlying software development, customization of mobile applications, API support for upper level applications and functions, framework API support, GMS certification, special function support and optimization, system addition/cutting, etc.
    Imaging Turning Solutions: Development of imaging, front and rear camera support, APP/HAL/effect upgrades, scene parameter optimization, color enhancement, super resolution, noise reduction, HDR, Demosaic, white balance, filters, 3A, depth estimation, portrait blur, etc.

  • Hardware Engineering - Comprehensive Coverage from Research and Development to Mass Production Processes

    Including component selection, ID/MD/schematic design, design simulation, process development, PCB trial production and debugging, prototype verification, and support for EMS manufacturers in mass production.

  • Chip

    Chip development and maintenance, testing, packaging, system development, large auxiliary tools, product data management, etc.

  • Testing & Certification

    Mobile terminals, including carrier testing, special testing, ROM upgrades, fast, stable, and power-saving testing, major version upgrades, etc.
    Internet of Things (IoT): OS testing, NFC field testing, data collection, low-temperature testing, etc.
    In-vehicle Information Systems: Whole-machine vibration, high-temperature and high-humidity testing, multi-road condition field testing, power consumption testing, etc.
    Hardware: Baseband testing, radio frequency testing, radiation testing, reliability testing, etc.

  • Smart Terminal Industry Services

    AI big data, edge-side customization, product design, security, operation and maintenance, ecological promotion.

Service Advantages
  • Customization and Imaging Expertise

    We provide diverse and customized professional services, offering camera optimization and image/video algorithm solutions to significantly enhance shooting effects.

  • Empowering Large-scale Production

    We provide full life-cycle support for smart terminals, ensure business scale expansion and facilitating multi-channel talent supply.

  • Comprehensive Testing Services

    We offer numerous testing solutions and establish a terminal performance testing laboratory, providing hardware and performance testing and evaluation services, and offering globally leading technical services in software and hardware testing.

  • Extensive Industry Support

    We provide basic support services for different industries, aggregating developer partners to jointly promote innovation and development in the field of smart terminal applications.