Project "Blackout Factory" for an Automotive Company


Project Background:

This project integrates whole vehicle research and development, experimental trial production, production inspection, headquarters office, battery assembly, and motor control as a comprehensive project. It provides customers with a customized IoT Internet platform and a complete set of manufacturing execution solutions. After reaching full production, the project is capable of producing 250,000 traditional and new energy vehicles annually.


Project Achievements:

The construction includes four major processes: stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly, with a total of five production lines and one logistics platform.

It achieved a fully paperless production planning process, automatic control of line positioning, full-process quality monitoring, product performance forecasting, remote viewing and diagnosis of equipment status, and more.

The project increased fully automatic input rate by 10.5%, reduced energy consumption by 6.5%, reduced internal quality losses by 30.6%, and lowered defect rates by 10%.