Service Scope
  • Digitalization in Production and Manufacturing

    Scheduling management, material demand management, materials management, procurement management, supply chain collaboration, manufacturing materials, manufacturing warehousing, production and inventory linkage, quality management, etc.

  • Digitalization in Product Research and Development

    Development of data management platforms, high-precision map tool development, data acquisition and mapping, autonomous driving algorithm & safety testing, cabin central control platform development, intelligent voice services, car-cloud connectivity platform development, user-car interaction mobile apps, personalized cabin customization development, vehicle condition risk warnings, etc.

  • Digitalization in New Marketing and After-sales Services

    Online sales, test drive reservations, vehicle showcases, user communities, membership management, event management, marketing promotions, car maintenance, car repairs, car finance, user behavior analysis, etc.

Service Advantages
  • Quality Enhancement and Efficiency Improvement

    We provide comprehensive digital services to customers and establish intelligent factory solutions, enhancing production and manufacturing efficiency comprehensively from planning management to logistics transportation.

  • Empowerment in Research and Development

    We provide digital technology and talent empowerment to customers to complete the core product development of intelligent automobiles, realizing the human-vehicle interactive experience.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Utilizing 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and other technologies, we create a super-app platform, achieving "one-stop" integration of new marketing and digital after-sales services.