SCH-Test solutions for smart terminals

SCH-Test solutions for smart terminals


With the vigorous development of the Internet + industry and the emerging of smart terminals, mobile terminal manufacturers, mobile communication operators, and mobile internet service providers have faced many challenges, such as constant emerging of new technologies, new businesses, and new services, and constant acceleration of the commercial process.

The 5G mobile transmission network has been developed, and its supporting devices will cover smart watches, fitness bracelets, smart projectors, and smart home devices in addition to smart phones. The industry chain of smart terminals is undergoing rapid development. In consideration of constantly updated and revised communication standards, the development of functions of smart phones, and more complicated authentication of communication protocols, as well as the higher requirements for the quality of terminal products proposed by terminal manufacturers, mobile communication operators, mobile internet service providers, and users, terminal testing technologies have faced huge challenges.

iSoftStone, as a leading innovative technology service provider, has been providing high-quality testing services and software. We have been studying the advanced testing methods in the industry and improving the testing process, so as to provide end-to-end one-stop solution for smart terminals, and improve the test productivity.

Functional architecture

iSoftStone has maintained a close cooperative relationship with terminal manufacturers, and they have established the most efficient ODC laboratory cooperation mode for terminal testing. Through improving the testing methods, smart terminal testing intends to provide pre-test services for product testing plans, design of product test plans, development of product test cases, test execution verification, and various external certifications.

In addition to white-box and black-box testing services, it can also provide complete automated testing solutions, which can effectively improve testing efficiency, and easily complete the testing that cannot be covered by manual or heavy workload is required. The core competitiveness of iSoftStone automated testing solutions is that they can give full play to the advantages of automated testing, such as automatic generation of basic use cases, free combination of business use cases, and automation of repetitive tasks.

Core competence

White-box testing


It consists of four processes, namely static analysis (Java: Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs), code review, coverage test (Junit), and dynamic analysis.

Black-box testing

It covers business function testing, protocol conformance testing, new feature testing, performance and stability testing, KPI testing, third-party application testing, localization/globalization testing, operator pre-access testing, operator verification testing, operator customized application testing, IOT testing, drive testing, and certification testing, etc.

Automated testing

It is an automated test platform that can automatically generate test scripts and efficiently execute testing based on the Appium testing framework, integration of Testng and Reportng, Java language, and compatibility between Android and iOS. It is also a testing system that can simplify the testing interface and encapsulation details, and provide the testing services with controllable steps, optional equipment, and viewable results.

Capability advantages

Flexible and diverse testing service capabilities

It can provide overall testing plans, schemes, processes, process management and monitoring, and various testing services:

Consulting service for the testing management system

Special service for performance testing

Special service for security testing

Training service for testing skills

R&D service for featured test tools

Construction service for testing platforms

Complete and efficient mobile terminal testing system architecture

We have an independent testing center, testing architecture, and a special testing team, which can provide a strong guarantee for dealing with miscellaneous difficulties during the testing. With the unified and standardized testing process and test case design method, we can perform advanced peer review and comprehensive quality control during the test life cycle, and optimize the test process in a timely manner.

Comprehensive terminal testing experience

A terminal testing team with more than 3,000 members

Cross-platform testing services: Android, iOS

Multi-language services: English, Japanese, and Korean, etc.

Customers include major mobile device manufacturers, operators, chip manufacturers, and mobile Internet service providers at home and abroad

Customer value

We can provide flexible and diverse one-stop testing service solutions, to help terminal equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers, operators, and service providers in the mobile Internet industry chain to get rid of burdensome testing; we also focus on innovation of our products, to reduce investment and improve work efficiency.

We can provide overall testing services and high-quality delivery, and assist customers in effectively reducing the risks and controlling the cost.

We can deliver experienced testers and customized training of special testing skills for employees, so as to provide strong technical support for the customers.

Serving customers

Smart terminal manufacturers

Telecom operators

Mobile application software developers

Mobile terminal manufacturers